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Jonathan Bree has released an album length movie shot with a tube camera over at Lil' Chief Records HQ aka The Ghetto.In an effort to try and get the kids interested Winston has lent his starpower to the film aswell.It's not uncreepy.A Little Night Music is available now on LP, By The Chief 2 months ago


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  • <a href="">A Little Night Music by Jonathan Bree</a>

    A Little Night Music

    Jonathan Bree


    Roughly two years since his first solo album 2013's Primrose Path, "A Little Night Music" sees Bree taking a more free-form approach to his usually more rigid and pop-minded style. This is partly due to a new interest in classical music, more specifically Russian Ballet suites. "A Little Night Music" features a string quartet, and guest vocals by Auckland soprano Ella Smith.

  • <a href="">The Great Cybernetic Depression by Princess Chelsea</a>

    The Great Cybernetic Depression

    Princess Chelsea


    Building upon the success of her 2011 debut Lil' Golden Book, which spawned the internet sensation "The Cigarette Duet" (which has racked up nearly twenty million hits on YouTube), the new album is a sparkling, glittering epic, weaving layers upon layers of synths to create a fantastical universe that is out of this world.

  • <a href="">Willow Peak by Wet Wings</a>

    Willow Peak

    Wet Wings


    "It's 4am music. The music is darker but there's still a little optimism in there somewhere," says singer Lucy Botting. "But only if you really look for it." "My favourite song on the album, 'Brute', is a story about two people living alone trying hard to love each other. When Darian first showed it to me I wasn't sure how I felt about it, it's so sad. In the recording I sing about the darker side of relationships, the admiration and fear you can hold towards someone," says Lucy.

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