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Princess Chelsea has begun a tour of her homeland and yesterday she appeared on the front page of the national newspaper:Read the full article!You can hear a new track, "Too Many Peopl...

By Gareth 4 weeks ago


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  • <a href="">My World Was Made For You by The Icypoles</a>

    My World Was Made For You

    The Icypoles


    The Icypoles, four gals who call Melbourne home but might just as easily shimmy into a Godard dance scene or serve up a slice of pie at the Double R Diner. They even conjure up a cover of the saucy Twin Peaks ballad "Just You"! The Icypoles set raw sentiment to the most bare-boned of arrangements: clear, wistful female vocal harmonies give way to playfully crafted bass, guitar and percussion interplay, like if Phil Spector were stripped of his Wall of Sound and started producing Marine Girls 45s. Highly recommended for fans of Camera Obscura, Julee Cruise and The Shirelles!

  • <a href="">Egospect by Sheep, Dog and Wolf</a>


    Sheep, Dog and Wolf


    Sheep, Dog and Wolf is the solo project of nineteen year old multi-instrumentalist, Daniel McBride. As Sheep, Dog and Wolf, McBride creates experimental pop which blends orchestrated arrangements and layered vocals with influences that extend all the way from Norwegian Jazz, Tokyo new jazz to Math Rock and Electronica.

  • <a href="">The Primrose Path by Jonathan Bree</a>

    The Primrose Path

    Jonathan Bree


    The Primrose Path is Jonathan Bree's first solo album since a career with the Brunettes that has seen the band release 4 albums and 4 eps. It is a dark and personal album that seems to examine the insecurities associated with feeling crap, irrelevant and over 30, often centered around the waning magic of a long term relationship. Whereas The Brunettes would often hide adult themes behind pop culture references and double entendres, The Primrose Path is very lyrically direct and at times uncomfortably honest.

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